The Individual Collective: Redesigning the working environment

The Individual Collective: Redesigning the working environment
Juni 2022

The future of work – and we’re right in the middle of it. How can companies support the work of today and tomorrow in such a way that everyone can live out their talents in the best possible way and feel comfortable? The answer is complex: on the one hand, this requires solutions for individuality, personal needs and requirements. On the other hand, collaboration and the idea of community are more important than ever.
With The Individual Collective, Sedus is now introducing a combination of new product solutions that create suitable working environments that meet the needs of both the individual and the community in the workplace. With this, the German office furniture manufacturer is taking another step towards a working world that makes it possible to work in the way that is best for everyone.
Understanding requirements and improving implementation
"Open space concepts, flexibility and new working styles are shaping the offices of the future," explains Christoph Kargruber, Director of Marketing and Sales at Sedus Stoll AG. "This brings a lot of advantages but also new design requirements. Our job as an office furniture manufacturer is to help employers give their talents a space that promotes collaboration, responsibility and innovation. The exciting thing is that the term ‘space’ has undergone a transformation in recent years. In addition to the office and one's own four walls, it also includes everything in - for example, co-working spaces, remote working models or one's own home office."
Sedus actively takes this development into account when designing new products. By switching to two launch intervals per calendar year - in May and October respectively - the manufacturer is taking its cue from the fashion and lifestyle industry. "In future, customers can be sure that something new will always be presented during these months: Sedus will either launch new products to match current trends or set new standards with its products," explains Kargruber.
New Arrivals: Market launches in May

The first launch interval is already behind Sedus: with New Arrivals and The Individual Collective, numerous innovations, extensions and modifications have already found their way into the brand's portfolio. With these launches, Sedus is taking a step further - towards a diverse working world where everyone finds what they need to be productive. Whether alone or together, analogue or digital, in the office or in the home office - with the New Arrivals and The Individual Collective, new connections are made, new dimensions are thought of and space for new inspirations is created.

One example of this is the new lounge chair. With se:lounge, Sedus is responding to the desire for a place to arrive, sit down and simply feel good. The brand's first lounge chair brings cosiness and comfort into the office. The slogan comfort@work makes it clear - with se:lounge, the retreat for individual work becomes even more comfortable. The generous PET seat shell and the large cushions ensure elegance and cosiness in the office and home office.

The se:lab monitor caddy now provides more flexibility. The update for the se:lab product family creates even more mobility and complements agile workshops. With its comprehensive technology integration and castors, it can be used quickly and regardless of location.
Another highlight of the market launches in May is the extra-large room-in-room system se:cube max: with even larger dimensions and additional features, nothing stands in the way of agile teams. The room-in-room system offers the necessary space for exchange and joint projects.
If you would like to find out more about the new products launched in May, we recommend you read the article on the Sedus blog "WHAT’S UP?’

The new issue of the Sedus Insights trend monitor "In dialogue for the future" looks at the role of the community in the development of innovations. If you would like to find out more about this topic and current trends in the world of work, you can read the current issue here:


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